Description as a Tweet:

It is a device and database that tracks the wear and tear of our essential PPE to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers. Ranging from contact tracing to alerting when it's time to change your PPE, the IPD will redefine what personal safety means.


We decided to make this because it is a device that focuses on both of our passions: healthcare and software. Not to mention we were inspired by the pandemic and figured that we can use our knowledge about hardware and software to pay it forward to protect our essential healthcare workers.

What it does:

It measures saturation level and presence of pathogens and then tells the worker of the need to change their PPE.

How we built it:

Software (C++ and Arduino C++), Hardware (Arduino), and AutoDesk

Technologies we used:

  • C/C++/C#
  • Arduino

Challenges we ran into:

The biggest challenges we faced were being online as well as missing some key hardware parts. For software a big roadblock was developing a way to store the data in a way that files could access easily and any updates would be shared across all access points to the database.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We had a few moments when we thought the project was not going to come together. At certain points, we almost ditched certain ideas, however I'm so proud that we took the time to try and solve them and I think our dedication to the project helped us persevere.

What we've learned:

We learned how to create databases and how to connect more than one Arduino sensors and have them work together.

What's next:

The versatility of the product can be used for so many aspects of public safety ranging from hospitals to local businesses.

Built with:

We built a box that is scaled down from the actual product. You step into this box and it connects with your phone. The database takes your ID number and it starts to track how long you have had your PPE on and the saturation of moisture which would determine whether you need to change your PPE or not. When you walk into the box sensor detectors how close you are to guide you to the right spot. Once in the correct spot, it starts reading where an LED light would turn blue. If the saturation level is below the threshold we set the LED will turn green and if it above the threshold then the LED will turn red indicating that the PPE needs to be changed. The database side stores various health information such as the contamination level of the PPE and recent COVID test results. The person managing the database can then filter their employees by contamination level to ensure their employees are not at risk with their PPE as well as filtering by the results of a COVID test to gain insight on their workplace's population with respect to COVID. In addition to this there is another file that allows for the input of the test results that a testing center may implement to update an employees records. These updates are then shared with the main database for a seamless interaction.

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Documentation
  • Best Venture Pitch
  • Best Healthcare Hack
  • Best Hardware Hack

Prizes Won

Best Healthcare Hack

Team Members

Paige Ruschke
Gary Szekely

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